Over the past three to four decades historical works focused on health and medicine in Latin America and the Caribbean have burgeoned into a rich body of 

Medicine and Public Health in Latin America: A History

Imperialism's Health Component - Monthly Review Jul 1, 2015 Medicine and public health have played important roles in imperialism. for counterinsurgency and intelligence operations in Latin America and Asia.6.. economic transactions—as PAHO had done during its early history. Dr. Paul Farmer: How Liberation Theology Can Inform Public ... Dec 23, 2013 Two of my greatest teachers were Latin American men, both ordained as Catholic priests. never set foot in El Salvador or anywhere else in Latin America. taught me through his books, from The Power of the Poor in History to But medicine and its practitioners, even in public health, do so all too rarely.

Keywords: child health; infant mortality; child welfare; Latin America. subspecialty in the history of medicine and health, scholars of Latin America have, in the areas of pediatric medicine and public health, social rights, and human welfare. Latin America | Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases Latin America is recognized as one of UNC's global strengths. institute typically sponsors two or three medical and public health (masters or doctoral) students  Social inequities and contemporary struggles for collective ... There now exists a well-developed historical literature on medicine and public health in Latin America that helps to situate the LASM-CH movement's  Health, Hygiene and Sanitation in Latin America - SAS-Space

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Disease in the History of Modern Latin America - Duke ... Their conclusions offer insight that may be of use and interest not only to students of history, but also to medical and public health practitioners." — Jonathan D. History of Health and Disease in Modern Latin America - Latin ... Sep 30, 2013 The history of public health focuses mainly on the power—the institutions and professionals—of the so called hegemonic medicine; that is, the  Social Medicine Then and Now: Lessons From Latin America ...

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Political roots of the struggle for health justice in Latin America ... Oct 15, 2014 Health-care policy developments in Latin America—in their equitable reveal a far more complex history of class struggle on the part of agrarian public health entities, including welfare institutions and medical insurance for