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Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter

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A memoir of the court of Henry VII : an edition of ... - UTas ePrints From Writhe's Garter Book, showing the creation of knights after the death of the earl on April 29, 1489 and completed no later than the death of hand, the satin-lined gown of cloth of gold described above might have been made The revolt was in origin a tax revolt encouraged by the levy of onerous subsidies. Cultural Anthropology - SAGE Journals

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7 Dec 2016 By 1848, two years before his death, Wordsworth was Poet Laureate and the.. He wore a field marshal's uniform, with his insignia of the Garter. crown being merely the height of a full puffing of rich pea-green satin ribbon... The unpopular income tax, which was introduced for the first time in 1798 and  PDF Format - Skipton Castle From the inventory taken A.D. 1572, after the death of the second earl,.. In 1393 Sir Lewis was elected a Knight of the Garter. jewelled buttons : it is open in front, exposing a white satin brocaded Among the pictures removed to Appleby, when Skipton Castle was shut up to save the window-tax, was one of this.